26 – 28 APRIL 2024



CineBa! Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Bloemfontein, South Africa that celebrates African cinema. The “Ba” in CineBa! refers to the plural prefix “Ba” in multiple African languages that serves as a plural prefix. So, CineBa! means many cinemas—or a cinema for many. This depicts our inclusive and developmental approach, which focuses on encouraging excluded film audiences to participate. CineBa! is foremost a community-focused festival.

The festival is community-oriented, with a target audience of youth aged 20 – 25. Access to all films are free. Our venue is located in Bloemfontein’s Central Business District, accessible to urban and peri-urban youth. We select topical South African and African films that delve into deep social narratives that are engaging, intriguing and though-provoking for our audience. The screenings include community or industry sessions, Q&As, masterclasses and storytelling.

CineBa! brings together filmmakers, industry professionals, film enthusiasts, and the general public to celebrate and showcase a diverse selection of films. It serves as a platform for filmmakers to present their work to a wider audience and develop the cultural potential of the African continent.

The theme for the 2024 edition is “Tempermanence”, a portmanteau of temporary and permanence to analyse discussions such as the erasure of culture, the emergence of modernity, the complications of moral relativity, the histories of ethnic strife and the ways people find meaning within their identities. The films selected for the festival will explores ome or all of these subthemes, stretching across a variety of genre. Overall, the festival, through its programming, will ask questions or offer guidance on the dichotomy between the temporary and the permanent.


CineBa is more than just a festival. We are also a film club.
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Our Team

Tshiamo Malatji

Festival Director

Tshiamo Malatji is an avid cinephile and arts organiser in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Thabiso Olifant

Festival Co-ordinator

Thabiso Olifant is performing artist, multi-instrumentalist and writer, with a passion for expression through all forms of art.

Zanda Nosenga

Technical Co-ordinator

Zanda “Xanny” Nosenga is an artist and spoken word poet who has worked with various arts organisations.